MAD MMX. Opening Titles
MAD MMX. Opening Titles, makmac
MAD MMX. Opening Titles, makmac

When the opportunity arises, Physalia likes twisting and pushing the possibilities of the creative process. Such was the case when creating the opening titles for MAD MMX, as total free hand was granted by Domestika. Unhindered by a fixed narrative framework, a designer’s only “limitations” when doing an event title is creating a visual/metaphorical expression of the content and atmosphere of the event. This freedom allowed us to explore and get inspiration from Kyle McDonald’s DIY 3D scanner without the imposition of a storyboard or animatic, and inspired us to create a truly lo-fi piece.

Comissioner: Domestika , Mad In Spain
Direction & Animation: Physalia (Makmac, Hamill Industries)
Music: Tinnitustudio (Alex Mediavilla “VCS” & Egus)
Photography Assistant & Making Of: Marc Ambros
3D Scanning Software: Kyle McDonald