MINDFILM is a sequence that delve into the flustered brain of Lisa Nova, an aspiring film director who arrives in 1990s Los Angeles.

Originally created for Brand New Cherry Flavour Horror Netflix TV series, we developed this film as an abstract journey through her visions and fears as if their memories and emotions could be turned into images.

We wanted to do something unique, that would add to the psychology of the character from the abstract and sensorial, and for this we decided to join forces with Enric Sant to jointly design the universe and with the VFX wizards Makmac, J.A. Durán and Carles Navarro. Produced from the U.S.A. by 1stAveMachine, we worked with María Soler, line producer in Spain, and Pijama Studios.

The cherry on the cake 😉 was provided by Ivan from Banjo Soundscapes, who created an overwhelming soundtrack that added to the intriguing narrative and elevated the sequence into an immersive and terrifying experience.

The MINDFILM ended up out of the series edit during the final processes but we wanted to share it because it is a sequence we are very proud of and one that represents some of our own obsessions very well. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it and working with this amazing team.


Directed by DVEIN
Produced by 1stAveMachine
Executive Producer Andrew Geller
Line Producer María Soler

Art direction Enric Sant & DVEIN
Concept Art Enric Sant
Animation and visual effects by Makmac , J.A. Duran, Enric Sant & DVEIN.
Compositing Carlos Navarro
Grading Xavi Santolaya
Post-production Pijama Studios

Music & Sound design by Banjo Soundscapes