MTV EMA 2010
MTV EMA 2010, makmac

The MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 Show Identity, which was directed by Dvein and where we took part in the animation and post-production, is a piece inspired on sports and games and revisited under the light of pop culture, with a clear reference to pinball as a symbol of rebellion and non-conformity. Throughout the whole production the unorthodox, original MTV spirit was very present and we worked together towards achieving the common goal of conceptualizing in images such a music event, and that goal was impact!

Client: MTV World Design Studio
Concept: MTV World Design Studio, Dvein
Production Company: 8 de Agosto
Direction & Art Direction: Dvein
Character Rigging: Hugo Garcia
Animation: Hugo Garcia, Blow, Dvein, Physalia (Makmac, Hamill Industries)
Post-Producction: Alba Ribera, Maria Anton, Blow, Dvein, Physalia (Makmac, Hamill Industries)
Illustration & Graphics: Superexpresso
Music & Sound Deasign: Flow Audio
Executive Producer: Carolina Lopez
Producers: Ico Romero & Sergi Roda